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At the heart of DENTAL RATIO® is a belief and a promise to deliver top-quality implant solutions at a low-cost without compromise!  We specialize in dental implantology and supplies patent-free products at economical prices for maxillofacial surgeons, oral surgeons, dental practitioners and dental technicians.  This includes a broad range of prosthetic solutions.

The team at DENTAL RATIO® are leaders in their field sharing over 30 combined years (and counting) of dental experience. This irreplaceable time spent within the Dental world has shaped every aspect of DENTAL RATIO®, from the system’s mechanical detail, to the customer service we provide day-to-day.

Extensive commercial knowledge of the market as well as a significant background in clinical practice means that we understand the challenges that our clients face every day. Quality and cost often compete to the detriment of one, if not both.  At DENTAL RATIO®, we strongly believe that this does not have to be the case.

DENTAL RATIO® customers appreciate the flexibility to provide money saving, safe and effective treatment options that can alleviate market pressures including, patient finances, competitive pricing, insurance reimbursements, and the increasing cost of materials.

“Our reputation is growing, and we trust this is the result of the dedication and passion we put into everything we do. Through research and development, modern manufacturing processes and an exhaustive quality control process, DENTAL RATIO® provides innovative solutions which allow dental professionals to deliver high-quality treatment to patients”.




Quality Control

Measuring room of the turning technology with measuring microscopes and measuring machines.

Accuracy nearest thousandth of a millimeter: Measuring an implant on the computer-controlled measuring machine.


We pride ourselves on the quality, cost, and adaptability of our implant system. Our constant focus on these three core traits allows us to provide the best service possible to our clients. Through smart and efficient choices, reallocating resources that are normally spent on redundant add-ons most implant clinicians do not require, we provide quality implants at vastly reduced costs.

DRS International GmbH distributes quality products worldwide in the field of dental implantology at reasonable prices under the brand name DENTAL RATIO®. Our brand DENTAL RATIO® stands for high quality at fair prices.

Our producer, manufacturing the OKTAGON® Dental Implant System, Hager & Meisinger, was founded in 1888 and has continued to be a leader in dental manufacturing ever since. Longevity like this does not come freely and the status Meisinger holds today is due to an identity centered around diligence, integrity, and innovation. Driving progression with the field of Dentistry, Meisinger were one of the first companies worldwide to identify and implement the technological advance from hand-held steel drills to rotating milling and turning machines. This revolutionary attitude remains and Meisinger continue to supply the dental world with high quality products.

Our commitment

This manufacturing expertise, partnered with our commitment to enabling our clients to treat more patients in a simple, reliable, and cost-effective way makes DENTAL RATIO® an unparalleled supplier within the world of implantology.



Made in Germany

DENTAL RATIO® Dental Implant Systems provide high quality Tissue Level and Bone Level Implant options for considerably less than the more expensive premium dental implant brands.  The OKTAGON® Implant Line is expertly manufactured and produced in Germany.

    • Over 30 years experience in implant manufacturing
    • Gapless traceability of all production steps and used materials
    • Supervised production without exception
    • Continuous monitoring of storage conditions
    • All processes are validated
    • Clean room packaging and sterilization
    • Regular revalidation of all processes
    • State-of-the-art measuring and inspection equipment
    • Monitoring of all measuring equipment within the QM system

Agile and Adaptive

We are ready to help you and your practices!  As a skilled team of professionals, DENTAL RATIO® continues to adapt quickly and effectively to the ever-evolving dental industry.  We understand what may have worked yesterday, won’t always work tomorrow.  Therefore, we empower our teams to be agile, to listen to our customers’ needs, and to proactively change our systems and componentry accordingly.



Minimizing your costs

Our mission is high quality at fair prices.  We achieve quality at fair prices by constantly refining our range of options, by ensuring our system is adaptable, and by shortening the learning curve for clinicians who are already familiar to some degree with the application of our products.

DENTAL RATIO® – How we can keep the costs low

DENTAL RATIO® has sold almost 500,000 implants worldwide
• Top quality implants without the frills and trimmings
• All distribution is done via local distributors who keep ample stock
• The stock is easily available and can be delivered on your request
• Technical support and experts on hand to offer advice

Price comparison

SBWire state that the Dental Implant market is expected to grow by at least a CAGR of ~4.6% by 2022.  As this growth continues, price point only becomes a more important factor within the market. Dental Implant treatment is often seen as an option if it is affordable, and this is largely attributed to the price of dental implant materials set by the leading global implant manufactures.

DENTAL RATIO® diverts resources from things like dedicated sales teams and superfluous clinical training.  Instead, these resources are used to refine the manufacturing process allowing us to provide high quality products at nearly half the price of other expensive branded products. This vast difference in root costs allows you to treat more patients and grow alongside the market.

Industry partners

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Authorized Distributors

DENTAL RATIO® offers the same high quality, cost effective, reliable service wherever you are in the world. Click on our map below to see your local distributor and get in touch now.








Our support team has over 30 years of combined experience within the dental field.  With a keen commercial eye we help ensure that costs remain low for customers!

Everyone at DENTAL RATIO® is passionate about innovation within dentistry, and continue to collaborate with international colleges, industry institutions, and specialist societies.  As a result, our customers are always kept abreast of the latest developments within the dental world.

Guarantee Certificate

At DENTAL RATIO® we value the trust our partners and customers place in us.  We want you to feel confident and secure in the products you use, which is why we provide you with a comprehensive guarantee on all DENTAL RATIO® products.

If any of our materials or products fail to meet the DRS quality standard, we guarantee delivery of a new product without additional costs.